Established in 1991, Drill Service is a leading Italian company in the production of drilling equipment and geotechnical investigations.

Thanks to the many years of experience of its technicians, first as surveyors and then as commercials, Drill Service is able to create customized equipment on specific request of its customers.
Particular attention has been given over the years to the production of PVC core boxes. Improving the quality and durability of the first models we have designed and studying and designing new models that are closer to the needs of operators in the sector.

To date we boast five models of PVC core boxes,

but our studies continue pursuing the goal of expanding the range so you can have a box model for every need.

Articles ready to sell


World countries served

1000 mq2

Exhibition and sale

900 mq2

Internal workshops

Our warehouses at your service

Wide and wide range of products and accessories to accommodate your every request.

The Drill Service can count on a warehouse with over 1000 items and accessories available in ready-for-sale including:

  • Core boxes;
  • Core cores (simple, double, triple, environmental);
  • Friction drilling rods;
  • Helical rods;
  • Equipment for S.P.T. (Standard Penetration Test);
  • Samplers (Shelby, Osterberg, rotary samplers);
  • Hammer bottom hole, triconi, trilama, destructors
    (available in all commercial diameters and customizable);
  • Submersible pumps;
  • PVC pumps for sampling;
  • Protection covers (stainless steel, cast iron, PVC);
  • Hose wrenches, hinged keys, chain wrenches;
  • Packers;
  • Piezometric tubes;
  • Casagrande Piezometrics;
  • Inclinometer tubes (aluminum and ABS);
  • Spare parts for drilling rigs.
Drill Service exports its products to markets all over the world.
It provides its customers, both in Italy and abroad, with a service to maintain drilling rigs.