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Overlapped Osterberg sampler

It’s an Osterberg infixion sampler suitable for sampling of silt, clay and granular soils of medium-fine grain. It allows to take high quality undisturbed samples and larger in diameter than the ordinary Ostrberg sampler (88.9 mm). The outer diameter of the overlapped Osterberg sampler (101 mm) is the same of the sampling tube diameter. Sampler outer diameter = 101 mm Sampling tube outer diameter = 101 mm.

In general, the undisturbed sampling type ostemberg standard diameter 88.9 mm, is executed with samplers Osterberg 101mm diameter and casing diameter 127 the same ones that is used for core drilling diam 101. Sometimes the Works Supervision ask undisturbed samples Osterberg diameter 101 which are housed in a sampler with outer diameter 116 mm diameter, in this case, the sampler would not fit casing diameter 127 and is therefore necessary to replace the same with a diameter of 152 casing. To avoid this (removing shirts provisional diameter 127 mm and replacement with casing provisional diam. 152 mm) the DRILL SERVICE Osterberg has created a sampler called "OVERLAPPED" with which you can withdraw undisturbed samples in die diameter 101 mm diam keeping.


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