Customers used maintenance

Drill Service performs the maintenance of used goods, in full efficiency, both in its workshop and directly on the work site, at its customers, through the work of its specialized technicians.

As part of the maintenance of used equipment, Drill Service is able to provide all necessary spare parts and, when not available, it is equipped for their reconstruction in compliance with costs, convenience and regulations; furthermore, its organizational and management structure allows to guarantee rapid and effective answers to the client in the event of an emergency.

Primary activities, for which Drill Service boasts forty years-experience and specialization, are the maintenance of drilling machines and parts of rigs, their modification where necessary, as well as the realization of particular and specific components designed ad hoc.

In fact, the Drill Service workshop can count on efficient hardware and software resources which allow to invest in research and development of methods more and more suitable to respond effectively to the demands of its customers. As part of its maintenance of used equipment, Drill Service uses a series of technologically advanced machinery and equipment. This endowment is in continuous, constant evolution.